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Top 10 Best ‘Value For Money’ Bags! | Chase Amie

Happy Tuesday lovelies! I know I promised haul videos but they’ll be up next week 🙂 This week’s video is all about bags which are good value for money! I’m all about getting ‘bang for my buck’ so I hope you enjoy this video! All bags and prices listed below in GBP:

1. Longchamp Le Pliage, £68.00
2. Tory Burch Perry Tote, £345.00
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo, £375.00
4. Louis Vuitton Speedy Monogram 25, £535.00
5. Gucci Soho Disco, £650.00
6. Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM, £755.00
7. Balenciaga City Bag, £1035.00
8. Chanel Mini, £1620
9. Chanel Boy Bag, £2690
10. Chanel Classic Jumbo, £3450

Please note – all prices are correct to the best of my knowledge! (i.e. please don’t take them as gospel!)

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  1. Hi! I am new to your channel and I'm enjoying your video and collection- I can't wait to check out the rest of your channel :)!BTW I found a web can buy 70% off luxury handbags.<allystore.co>

  2. you’re voice is very soothing… i love watching your videos ❤️

  3. Hi Amie im interested in getting this bag in red and am wondering how to not get color transfer from denim.  I cant remember what video I saw of yours where you were treating shoes and bag and your denim.  Can I ask u have u used anything on the soho disco bag to prevent color transfer?

  4. Do you think it is kinda late to get the antigona at this point? thanks so much!! XO

  5. Thank for a great selection, love your voice. I have never owned a designer bag, recently I have been considering buying on bag. I have been working extra hours to save money and purchase one. One I am thinking about is the Louis Vuitton never full either in MM or GM. I have never spent more than $250 on a bag. I only issue will be I personal like bags with a top zipper.

  6. i think the longchamp is a must have for everyone. it's durable, waterproof, and great for college/work. oh and it fits a 13 inch macbook.

  7. Love your videos! – Idk how you could loose a Marc Jacobs bag though!! haha

  8. Please do an updated version of this video as I'm sure your views on this may have changed!!

  9. Love this video! We have to be practical.

  10. i love the sensible advice you give as well as your thorough reviews! I fell in love with the Longchamp Le pliage tote in the adorable design, I have looked online, but unable to find any design like that or near that price online. I am in the U.S. so perhaps that is the issue. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have for websites on where I could find even a similar whimsical design like yours. Thank you so much and keep up the great videos!

  11. Thank you for sharing. I'm building my handbag collection. ?????

  12. You really love muted pink/nude lol

  13. would you choose the caviar or the lambskin leather for the chanel jumbo classic flap? thanks

  14. Explore 101 Urbex

    Wow that was good, thanks

  15. hate bags xD

  16. Where is your bedding from!?? It's GORGEOUS ?

  17. I see the video was posted in 2015, because chanel boy bag price is about 6000K in a store now.

  18. حلوه هذا الشنطه

  19. bed suit $80. handbag $1800 i would be embarrassed to tell people that.

  20. I hope one day I own a Chanel boy, they're beautiful?

  21. Well surprised that you don't have Jessie & Jane bags in your collection. They are one of the cheapest around yet stylish. I had one of theirs which I bought from their outlet in Sydney, it's stylish and still looks fresh. If anyone wants to have a look here is the link https://jessiejaneaustralia.com.au/

  22. Personally I think the balenciagas look very 2005. Not ugly, by any means. but kind of young looking as well As far as stream lined /modern looking and maturity I believe Celine's look better. That's just me tho!

  23. It is a must for me to watched your videos before i start purchasing purses! Love the gucci disco soho, one day once i get to save lots i will purchase a chanel purse!

  24. Would you be Able to do a comparison and share your thoughts between the Chanel boy and Rebecca minkoff love cross body? Especially in terms of the functionality of its style.

  25. I love your bedding!! What brand is it & where did you get it?

  26. New subscriber here! So glad I found your channel, loved your list. ?

  27. Thank you for this helpful list!!!! My friend, along with your videos have convinced me to take the plunge and buy my first LV. I've picked the neverfull mm for its practicality, but it looks like it will cost me about $1300 for the mm without any customization. I wish I lived in the UK and only had to pay 700 pounds! I'm hoping to buy it on my upcoming trip to France, I feel it would make it extra special!

  28. The city bag looks like something a hobo would wear… Just my opinion. I love all the others, and own most of them.

  29. Is Le Pliage the medium size?

  30. What are your views in Rebecca Minkoff bags? I really love your style and value your input

  31. Can you share your view as to why you think the Celine isn't going to hold their value well? Thanks and love your videos!!

  32. What happened to the prices? Why has everything increased of a couple of hundres pounds? Nice video 🙂

  33. i was fell in love with you yourself , Thumbs up for you!! XOXO

  34. Wow you are affluent. Would you mind telling me what career you are with? Thanks.

  35. The girl who watches a lot of YouTube

    I love her voice???
    It's so soothing and beautiful and I could listen to it all day ?

  36. Love this video!

  37. <3 love your channel!

  38. Very useful video! I just love Chanel bags! Will never get over how much they cost though!

  39. I stopped watching after seeing the longchamp bag… it's literally EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE is wearing it..

  40. Christina Katrina

    great video! just wondering, what camera did you use to film this? thanks 🙂

  41. best top 10 bags video! just can't fall in love with Jumbo though…do love le boy!!!

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