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DIY Tutorial – Crochet Easy Casual Friday Handbag with Lining – Lined Purse Bag Bolsa Borsa

Shows you to crochet an easy Casual Friday Handbag. This makes a great purse for Friday, or any day of the week! It is very simple to make too, since the bag consists of chains and single crochet stitches. And you will learn how to line this designer hand bag too!

Be sure to PAUSE and rewind or fast forward if a part in the video goes too fast or two slow for you.

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  1. I love your work, I made different shawls using your pattern & they came out well. Thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂

  2. Beautiful.

  3. Thank you for sharing your video. Your instructions are easy to follow by beginners.

  4. Natasha I reall appreciate your channel thank you

  5. Waw thank you very nice

  6. Carolina Castillo

    please explain how put De wood handle??

  7. 쉬우면서 디자인이 이쁘군요~많이 배워 갑니다

  8. Thanks for sharing your talent. I won a First Place BLUE RIBBON foe entering my purse in my state fair (North Georgia State Fair Exhibits) 2017. I wanted you to be the first to know. Thank you for all YOUR help.

  9. Beautiful…

  10. very nice purse and simple instructions.

  11. Very talented

  12. Good work

  13. This is it hand trick.

  14. Gracias

  15. Love this! Great instructions

  16. Muito linda, excelente explicação obrigada…

  17. How do I sew on handles when done

  18. Beautiful, you are a terrific!

  19. I like it. But you need to explain more. Meaning I just made this bag but fastened off instead of keep using it. Until I watched the video again and again I realized that you didn't fastened off.

  20. This is wonderful…have never made a purse…this is a great tutorial thank you

  21. María Victoria Martín Martos

    Por favor estaria muy bien que pusieras los subtitulos en español porque me gusta muchisimo tu trabajo muchas gracias un saludo desde españa

  22. mua nguyên liệu ở đâu ạ ?

  23. Die Tasche ist sehr schön,ich werde es ausprobieren,ciao

  24. this is the easiest Channel by far and I am glad I came across it. I am a beginner and only started crocheting last week and I am already obsessed all thanks to your easy video.

  25. Ana Leon Jaramillo

    Hermoso !!! … pero en Español por favor … saluditos desde LOJA – ECUADOR

  26. คุงยาย น้องพอร์ช

    i love it

  27. Thank you very much,very nicely explained

  28. Fatima Barbosa Oliveira


  29. When you made the line with the worsted weight yarn. What size hook did you use?

  30. malee sandaseeli ekanayake Ekanayake

    very beautiful..i love to learn

  31. wow – brilliant design – easy  stitches – spectacular presentation. I want to make mine today – I need a summer beach tote/ handbag. I have all the materials – I'll crochet my handles – thx!

  32. Thank you so much for this instruction! I find it very easy, so I started at once making this beautiful handbag. Now I have to try finding the handle 😉

  33. Шьем и Вяжем

    Классная сумка. Смотрится отлично. Спасибо за мастер класс 🙂

  34. en français s'il vous plaît merci

  35. Many thanks. I want to have a go at crochet again. This may start me off.

  36. Parirani Maharjan

    i am making/ trying this bag

  37. brigitte fournier

    dommage qu'il n'y es pas de vidéo en francais

  38. Can you please tell me where you purchase your purse handles from.

  39. where did you get the handles and button?

  40. love you! thank you!!!

  41. Superação de csncer de mana sarcoma Pinheiro

    vídeo em inglês kkkkkkk

  42. Bagas Attanugraha

    tali kor motif bunga

  43. Martha Luisa Trujillo

    que sea en español porque es espectacular

  44. Мама может ВСЁ

    Очень интересное видео. Спасибо.

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