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BEST DESIGNER CROSSBODY BAGS | Chanel, Saint Laurent | Collection | Sophie Shohet

BEST DESIGNER CROSSBODY HANDBAGS, CROSSBODY LUXURY BAG COLLECTION + REVIEW & TRY-ON | My 4 favourite designer bags + my first pre-loved purchase from Vestiaire Collective. These are 4 bags, including 1 more affordable option, that I recommend considering if you are wanting to buy a bag that is quality, practical and a good investment piece (with the exception of the Saint Laurent, lol!) Includes Chanel Boy, Jumbo Flap, Aspinal of London & YSL University bag.

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  1. I totally love your videos, ure alwaz so true n down to earth. Keep up the gd work! I'm so going to get the ysl bag, it's lovely! What's the name of it? Can't find it in the description box

  2. I don't know why, but whenever I heard sophie talk, I felt like I spoke in British English accents for no reason

  3. I was considering getting the university bag because I saw it on therealreal for a really deal.. Until I found out that it's discontinued. I'm not keen on discontinued bags!

  4. Djoudie Alexander

    you should model for bags!!

  5. Claudia Pelagatti

    Avoid vestiare collective their authenticity check is a joke!

  6. I bought a Givenchy Antigona on 28/08/17 and I am still waiting fir it to be delivered. The tracking system is abysmal and does not update very often. I also have no idea which delivery company they use in the UK. XXX

  7. You are gorgeous

  8. I love your YSL cross body. I've had mine for almost two years and it is still like new. As for resale sites, the U.S. site The Real Real is the best.

  9. I loved that YSL in the thumbnail, gorgeous! Love this video, helped me get back into crossbody bags.

  10. I absolutely love the YSL bag?

  11. Is it chanel girlfriend bag? Sorry i cant hear it clear i cant seem to google the image

  12. Sophie, I would love to know your opinion on fine jewellery, you always mention investing, have you been thinking in investing in diamonds or gold?

  13. Never bought from VC. I'm a big eBay fan. I like Fashionphile too. I also like small, resale luxury goods sellers like Opulent Habits. She deals almost exclusively in Chanel.

  14. Hi Sophie what is your opinion on the Gucci WOC cross body?Thinking of buying it but would prefer your advise. xx

  15. Obsessed with that Aspinal bag!

  16. Allow us to know who are the youtubers you watch.

  17. Hi Sophie, have you ever done a how I do my makeup video? if not, it would be lovely to see one. Your makeup looks very natural and so pretty. Hugs and kisses!

  18. You bought the blogger bag too!!!

  19. I agree with you about the user unfriendly set up on vestiare collective. The seller took so long sending it to them. That I actually message her to ask whats the hold up. It took about 30 days from start to finish. I believe if they actually hold up the payment to the seller until they send it and it's verified. I believe that will motivate the seller to send it fairly quickly. Plus it's no return only if you don't like it, the only option is to resell. Horrible experience. I love your videos as always. Cheers

  20. Can you please do a what i eat in a day? I love your hysique, you look very smart and healthy. Diet and lifestyle vids would be appreciated

  21. Ashley Karlstromer

    Sophie I love your channel! Have you tried Henri Bendel bags? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on them!

  22. I absolutely LOVE your Aspinal of London bag! The colour is also perfect!

  23. Tq so much I am definitely will buy aspinal lottie bag ?

  24. That top is to die for!!

  25. Such a class act, Sophie. Love your style and approach. Keep it up

  26. you style the Balmain perfectly

  27. Charlene Williams

    You've lost alot of weight! How?

  28. I am a seller on VC and I have so far sold 6 items. After the item is purchased, the seller gets daily notifications to send it to VC but that it all. So if you're a bit of an arse, you put it off until whenever, not even respecting the fact that someone else chose to spend their money on basically what you decided to toss. I have always sent mine the day after the purchase. It takes about a week to 10 days for them to get to VC or so I have seen. I guess people rely on common sense, or what's left of it in this world, which isn't at all professional.

  29. Your bag reviews???

  30. Sophie another great video! I am not watching because of all the stuff, but i am watching your videos because of YOU. You have such a great personality. You give me a smile. Xx

  31. Cristina Antoniuc

    Love this video ? very useful ??

  32. Great honest answers about the bags my lady! ??❤️???Sandy

  33. I never write in here but I am forced to due tu vestiaire. I bought a speedy 30, I paid for it inmediately, I waited for 30 days, which is the dreadful deadline the sellers have to send the item. No answers from the seller, my money away and vestiaire didn't care. Finally, the seller never posted the bag and didn't even apologize and continues selling there. Terrible service and I will never buy again. Love your videos. You are wonderful.

  34. Sophie you are my fave luxe girl? love your style ? love your informative videos ? like having a chat with my bff ?

  35. Hey hey heyyyyy??

  36. Love all of them! Very classy styles! The jumbo is the best investment! xoxoxox! You look fabulous and pretty!

  37. Love you Sophie Shohet x

  38. That YSL bag is so nice! It does go well with all kinds of outfits!

  39. Francesca Castagnetti

    Hey Sophie and everyone here on this community. Love your videos!! My 2 cents: Saint Laurent is a great brand if you invest in the classic pieces (the sac du jour is such a classic yet has that YSL edge to it) or the flaps. Just like any other brand, Chanel included, if you choose the seasonal pieces they won't hold the value for sure. Also, I use VC quite often and have been always happy with the experience both selling and buying but I have learnt to a) be patient with the arrival of the items when you are not buying off "trusted profiles" (normally fast and precise with the shipping) and b) select really well both the profiles I am buying from and what I am buying. Customer service is really good now, the horror stories date back to 2 years ago when they just started the business. So with this in mind I would recommend buying from that website and also sell!! Kisses to everyone xo

  40. Vestiare needs to try and improve your opinion.

  41. Sophie you look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Ps I wait in your videos for you to say Po-Ket it's so cute when you say it! Xoxoxo from California

  42. SOPHIE please I need to know what size is your GG belt? Im debating I need 80 or 85 I bought in 80 but sending back to exchange for 85, i feel its too short, could you help please? How long is should be after we close the buckle if that's making sense??

  43. I wish they had still the single flap jumbo ?

  44. Love that YSL bag!!! I'm getting pretty tired to chanel bag… everyone seems to hv one…

  45. Hey Sophie, can you make a video talking about your personal grooming rituals/routines. Everything from how often and what you get done to your hair to nail grooming to skin care, etc. I sure I'm not that only one that wants to know how to stay looking impeccable. Thanks!! I love your videos!!

  46. I had no idea the jumbo Chanel flap was a crossbody bag? What Chanel crossbody would you recommend for everyday use as well as evening use? Just one bag? Xxx

  47. Tory burch has also nice quality bags! ❤️

  48. I bought from vestire before, I wish I read the reviews first, the reviews were awful saying that they're selling on fakes etc, I bough a Valentino it looks legit but fakes can be so good these days. I don't think I'll use them again ?

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